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I decided since the last post was about installing shingles, there should be a video about removing shingles. This video is from The transcript is also listed below the video. Transcript:How to Remove Roof Shingles Hi, I’m Rocky Matson for, and today I’m going to show you the tear-off procedure for re-roofing your house. The tear-off is when you remove your old shingles. Supplies and Safety Information You’ll need a ladder, shingle fork, claw hammer, a Roll Off (which is a big dumpster), tarps, and safety gear. Set your safety system up first. Put on your safety glasses, hearing protection, and maybe some work gloves. Have plenty of water on the roof and don’t forget sunscreen. It’s easy to get baked and dehydrated when you’re on the roof. If your house has power lines that run into your roof, use extreme caution. If you’re not sure what kind of lines they are, call your local power company for help. Begin at the Highest Point of the Roof Start work at the highest point of the roof. Begin on the opposite side of the house as your dumpster. In the morning, when you’re fresh, you won’t mind walking across your roof to throw things out. But as the day progresses and you get tired, you’ll appreciate having the dumpster close by. You may also want to lay some tarps down for trash that misses the dumpster. Rip Up the Shingles Put the shingle fork underneath the shingles and rip them up. Repeat until you’ve covered a small section and then toss the old shingles. Work from high to low. Be Careful and Steady Always watch your step and watch for items around you that could trip you up. New roofers often step on the nail gun’s hose, which will roll under your foot and could cause you to slip off the roof. Roofs get really slippery from the old shingle’s granulars, so be careful around them, and sweep them up often. Also watch out for vent holes or holes from rotting or missing sheathing. Replacing Gutters If you’re going to replace your gutters, rip them off by pulling the gutter spikes with a claw hammer or spike puller. If you’re not replacing them, just leave them alone. Be extra careful around the edges of the house. Inspect the Sheathing Once you’ve removed the shingles, inspect the boards, which are called sheathing. If they’re damaged, rotting, or flaking, you’ll want to replace them. When you pull shingles up, you’re sure to pull some nails part way up too. They are a safety hazard and easy to trip on. So immediately pull them up or pound them flush with the sheathing.Mid-Roof Inspection Now is also the time to think about a mid-roof inspection. That’s when a person from the the city or county inspector’s office comes to make sure everything is up to par. However, you’ll probably have to make the phone call a day ahead of time. You’re now ready to put new shingles on your roof. Thanks for watching.

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